Vehicle Storage in Shreveport, LA

Chances are, you don’t have the space to properly store your boat, RV, camper, classic car or other vehicle. Instead of letting these vehicles sit idly in your driveway taking up space, turn to E-Z Storage for car storage in Shreveport, LA! We have more than 80 parking spots available to house your vehicles while you’re not using them.


We Welcome All Vehicles

With parking spots that are large enough for RV storage in Shreveport, LA, count on us as a place to store any vehicle you might have. We welcome:

  • Cars, trucks and SUVs
  • Campers and trailers
  • RVs and 5th wheels
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles

With 80 uncovered, outdoor spaces, there’s room enough for all your toys on our lot! We also have fully-paved drives and wide aisles, making it easy to maneuver your vehicle and park it properly. Best of all, our compound is completely fenced in, meaning your vehicles are always protected from trespassers or wrongdoers.


Security First

Vehicles are high-value investments that deserve the best in security and protection. E-Z Storage delivers it. Our lot is equipped with just about anything you could want for peace of mind when it comes to vehicle storage, including:

  • State-of-the-art security cameras
  • Fenced-in lot with gate access
  • Password-enabled access 24 hours a day


Affordable Storage

With vehicle storage for just $55 per month, you’re able to get all of the conveniences our lot has to offer, without straining your wallet! For most of our customers, this is less than the cost of their insurance and much cheaper than worrying about the damages or problems that can come from improper storage at home.

If you’re interested in storing your vehicle during the off-season or for an extended period of time, E-Z Storage has the parking solutions you’re looking for. Contact us today at +1 (318) 687-8706 for more information or to get started setting up your rental space.